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Host families are the most important component of our homestay programs. Their warmth and generosity are what makes the homestay experience so meaningful and memorable to the foreign students. Becoming a host family is easy. All it requires is a desire to share your home and 2-3 weeks of your life with a foreign student. The commitment you make to host a foreign student can bring your family joy for years to come. When all is said, who knows, you may even end up traveling to visit your foreign student in their country! If you are interested in hosting, e-mail info@americandiscovery.net or give us a call at 541-302-3393

Our Students Are...

  • Eager for an adventure
  • Anxious to speak English
  • Fully insured
  • Excited to meet host families
  • Ready to experience America

Interested or know someone who is?
Call 541-302-3393 or e-mail info@americandiscovery.net.


Mathilde is apart of our family now. In fact my daughter & I are planning on going to visit her in France and are going to stay with her family. What Bruno has done with this program and bringing us together like this -- you just can’t put a price tag on it! Thank you so much. We’re going to do this every year!”
Grants Pass, OR, USA.

I dropped off Thibaut at 9:05 am by the Delta sign at Portland International Airport today. There was sort of a pall over our morning, knowing that it was all coming to an end - in such contrast to all the fun and amusements we had the last thirteen days. I managed not to tear up until after we hugged and he went inside. Thank you for arranging this. You don't know how much good that you are doing.
Vancouver, WA, USA.

I just wanted to thank you for all what you do for the French group. All the messages we have from Sarah are so happy. We can tell she is enjoying her stay, and we are so happy for her! Thank you. Merci!!!
Martignat, France.

We just returned from France! We had a wonderful time! We met Emma and her parents and spent the day with them in Versailles. We really connected, and we already adore Emma! Her parents were great fun as well. Thank you for the opportunity to host! It's been great experience for all.
Eugene, OR, USA.

We really enjoyed our time with Justine. We all got very attached to her, she fit in perfectly with our family. We were all so sad to say good bye, but so thankful for such a great experience.
Bend, OR, USA.

We had so much fun with Miguel. He was so polite and funny, he had us laughing all the time. Plus he really gave me a run for my money on the 'football' [soccer] field. In fact I had to ask him to go easy on us! Great guy, great experience. We're really looking forward to next year!
Eugene, OR, USA.

We have had 6 wonderful American discovery exchange students over the years, have maintained e-mail contact and friendships with the last five and have visited two of the families in France. The parents of one student visited us here in Oregon. We traveled with them in France August 2011 for three weeks and have visited in parent homes many times in both eastern France and Paris.
Eugene, OR, USA.

This was the most amazing experience. I'm sad to see them go but I'm happy I got to meet such amazing people. These two guys were so sweet. I became close to people that I never thought I would be close to. I will miss these two the most ♥. I'm so happy I got the chance to meet them!
Roseville, CA, USA.

The positive impact of this program for both the students and our family cannot be understated. American Discovery, as led and organized by Bruno and Darci Francia, is wonderfully organized with the needs of both visiting students and host families in mind. It has been great fun and a learning and cultural exchange experience for us and everyone involved. Experiences impossible to gain in any other way!

Wow, this was the best summer we've had in a long time! Even though Guillaume was only here for a little over 2 weeks, we just loved every minute with him. Thank you for including us!
Olympia, WA, USA.

The screening process to suggest matches for the families has resulted in having students who were very compatible with us. It has been our great pleasure over the years to see the French boys grow into men and achieve the great success they have had in France. We have visited with them often during our trips to Europe. So little effort for us to host these young people and so many rewards for doing so! Our family has been given much!!
Eugene, OR, USA.

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